Once again here I sit sipping away at a hope cup of the nectar of the early morning Gods. Earbuds in looking for a brief escape from the day that lies ahead. Also once again I’m listening to an album straight from Sweden (The Meister would be proud). At first glance, I thought this was something new by the Canadian band with the same name, but it wasn’t, not that there is anything wrong with that.

The Band’s Story

This Gypsy Rose was founded back in 1981 in Sweden by Håkan Gustafsson and Martin Kronlund, but their self-titled debut album was released many years later in 2005. Life definitely got in the way for the band during the ’80s. Their label shut down after they signed. They only garnered lukewarm attention from foreign producers and in the end, nothing panned for the Swedish rockers. Finally, the guys in Gypsy Rose have had enough and broke up in 1993. The saving grace came from Andrew McNeice from Melodicrock.com and the group reunited in 2004 and started looking at, and reworking the recordings at Martin Kronlund’s studio. Rising like the fabled Phoenix, the album has risen from the fire, and is re-released on CD and digital under the new name Reloaded with a new cover, and re-mastered by Martin Kronlund.  Also included is the brand new track “Solitude.”

The Album

From the opening song “When You Leave At Night” you’re treated to a heavy Hard Rock track that is reminiscent of the HARDLINE sound. A Great song with some killer riffs, and a fun chorus that is powerful, and in your face. Follow that with “You Drive Me Crazy“, and you’re in for a one-two punch!  “Promise To Stay” is a gleaming example of why the Scandinavians are leading the pack in Melodic Rock these days! “You Are The One” is yet another diamond on this album, and listeners will not be at all disappointed with the direction this album is headed. “December Night” gives the listeners a very catchy, slower paced song that any AOR/Melodic Rock fan desires. With a groove that will have you instantly mesmerized and taking you away into the chorus singing along. Closing out this masterpiece is the new tune, “Solitude“.  This song fits in absolutely perfect with this album. It’s hard to believe that it’s new. This album is completely fresh and timely with the great sounds coming from the Scandinavian sound that is charging into our lives.

My Final Say

All I can say is this is an excellent album for all lovers of great Melodic Hard Rock. So on April 26th, get out to your local record store, or jump online, and grab this release from Scandirock Records and Gypsy Rose. Now, this hard rock band can gain the limelight it should have back in its day and show the record labels just what they missed out on then.

Rock on!!



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  • When You Leave At Night
  • You Drive Me Crazy
  • Promise To Stay
  • Moonlight
  • You Are The One
  • Queen Of The Night
  • Burning
  • Light Up My Way
  • December Night
  • Fender 59′
  • The Look In Your Eye
  • Solitude
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