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ECLIPSE – Megalomanium (Album Review)

ECLIPSE - Megalomanium (Album Review)
ECLIPSE – Megalomanium

Eclipse are from Stockholm, Sweden and this is their 9th studio album. They have developed from an almost pure AOR band that sounds a bit like Europe to the harder-edged melodic rock band they are today. They now have a sound that differs from any other in the melodic rock world so that you hear instantly it is Eclipse and Erik Mårtensson (Vocals & Guitars).

The album starts with “The Hardest Part Is Losing You” and it is a great riff rocker with great hooks and chorus. The sound on this album is awesome. Thundering bass from Victor Crusner, stomping drums from Philip Crusner, amazing guitar work from Magnus Henriksson, and great singing and rhythm guitars from Erik Mårtensson.

Next up is one of the singles “Got It” which starts like a punk rock song with the guitar riff. The first time I heard this song I was not sure what to think about it but now I love it and can’t get the chorus out of my head. Energetic and brilliant.

The latest single and video is the song “Anthem” which has a Celtic touch almost like Gary Moore. This must be a cool song to sing along to at their concerts. Amazing solo by Henrik on this one. The next song is a little heavier, “Children Of The Night” is it called and the guitar intro sounds like a mix between Ghost and Black Sabbath.

Hearts Collide” sounds a lot like the Eclipse we have heard on the last few albums with a great chorus. The following song “I Don’t Get It” could easily be a Hardcore Superstar song with a rawer sound and a blistering guitar solo from Magnus. He really is a phenomenal guitarist.

The Broken” is the only slower song on the album but with a heavy sound and great chorus.

So Long, Farewell, Goodbye” has a cool groove from Victor‘s bass and this is one of the more AOR-sounding songs on the album. Great once again with another awesome solo.

High Road” sees the bass player Victor sing lead vocals for the first time and his voice fits perfectly for the song and it is quite similar to Erik‘s. “One Step Closer To You” is a mid-tempo song with a lovely chorus and the bass sound is really great.

The album ends with an uptempo rocker, “Forgiven“, and again you can hear some Gary Moore influences in the melody. Great song and the chorus builds up and is great and epic.

I have listened to Eclipse since their third album Bleed & Scream and have seen them live many times. I loved their last album Wired but I must say that I have never listened to any other of their albums this many times in a row as I have with this one. Simply an amazing album with a huge sound, great songs, great choruses, and amazing guitars. I can’t wait to see them live again which will happen in November.

Thanks to Erik, Magnus, Victor, and Philip for releasing such great music. See you on tour!

Rating 10/10


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