THE DIRTY DENIMS – Back With A Bang Pt. 1 (Album Review)

The Dirty Denims Back With A BangI have always said that the discovery of new music is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s certainly a favorite pastime for me in discovering new bands. It’s even better when they come to you! Behold The Dirty Denims from Eindhoven in The Netherlands. Vocalist Mirjam Sieben reached out via email upon seeing that I had reviewed The Amorettes latest album. She suggested that I may also enjoy The Dirty Denims given my praises for The Amorettes and included a press kit with their forthcoming album. Although I was a little thrown off by their self-describing term “Happy Hardrock”, I cued up and ran through Back With A Bang Part 1. Well, Mirjam…you were 100% correct and I thank you for reaching out!

Formed and based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, The Dirty Denims have been pumping out their brand of tunes for over 10 years now. Aside from “Happy Hardrock” their bio also purports “two sexy rock chicks and two sweaty guys, play hard rock, rock&roll, powerpop, with a slice of punk rock. They sound like a mixture between AC/DC, Joan Jett, Blondie, Kiss, The Romantics and The Ramones. Cheerful energetic songs with loud guitars and an occasional organ every now and then. No ballads for The Dirty Denims!” Perfect!

They are comprised of Mirjam Sieben (Vocal/Guitar/Organ), Jeroen Teunis (Guitar/Vocals), Ashley Seleski (Bass/Vocals), and Thomas Spauwen (Drums/Vocals). The back catalog consists of 2 EP’s (Going Out/Wanna Be Famous), 1 full-length album (High Five) and 2 singles (the singles are released by the Spanish label Ghosthighway Recordings). And now April 27, The Dirty Denims unveil Back With A Bang! that will come out in two parts, Part 1 in April followed by Part 2 in October.

THE DIRTY DENIMS – Back With A Bang Pt.1

Dirty DenimsBack With A Bang launches with….well, a bang in the title track. A thunderous composition that demands and requires an extremely high volume for maximum listening pleasure. As I rolled through track #2, “Heartbeat”, I couldn’t help but think that despite my original reservations about the term, just how fitting “Happy Hardrock” actually was. I love the vocal snarl Mirjam exhibits during my favorite Back With A Bang song, “Money Back Guarantee”. The advance video single “Don’t Waste My Time” surfaces next and is indicative of what you’ll find on the album. Check it out below. “Make Us Look Good” has a great groove and the closer “Can’t Get Enough Of Rock & Roll” is a rollicking roller coaster ride that will have you singing along.

Simple riffs, driving beats, and infectious choruses are all found within Back With A Bang Pt. 1. There’s no complicated or overly technical music, just straight ahead hard rock…“Happy Hardrock”.

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