CGCM Podcast EP#66 - Australia - Around the WorldPlease return to your seats, put your tray back to the upright locked position and fasten your seatbelts. The Canadian Geeks are touching down in the land down under for over 2 hours of Aussie rock and metal. It’s CGCM Podcast EP#66 – Australia – Around the World in 80 Episodes.

In the ever-popular Around the World in 80 Episodes series, the boys discuss the fascinating country of kangaroos, wallabies and of course “Fosters” Lager. Oh, and they drink a lot of beer and uncover some amazing bands from this most interesting country.

CGCM Podcast EP#66 – Australia – Around The World In 80 Episodes


Also discovered in this episode is that there are large blue spiders in Australia and when you flush the toilet the water spins in the opposite direction. We also learn that The Meister may have failed Grade 8 Geography, New Zealand is not physically connected to Australia and you will also hear Wallygator‘s imitation of playing the didgeridoo.

But of course the real reason for their visit is to play a crap-load of awesome Australian bands and that they did! From Bengal Tigers to Zoot you will hear some amazing tracks and we promise no AC/DC or Airbourne in this show.

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The Lazys“Can’t Kill the Truth”

Rick Springfield“I’ve Done Everything for You”

Ion Drive“Witch Hunt”

Vdelli“Get Up, Get On It”

Heaven“In the Beginning”

Roadkill“Ready for War”

Zoot“Evil Child”

Taberah“Dying Wish”

Rabbit“Too Much Rock and Roll”

Baby Animals“Rush You”

Mortal Sin“Burned into Your Soul”

Kings of the Sun“Serpentine”

Bengal Tigers“Heavin'”

The Radio Sun“Hold On Tight”