CGCM PODCAST EP#139-Dennis Post (July 14, 2021)

CGCM PODCAST EP#139-Dennis Post

Welcome everyone to the 139th Episode of the CGCM Podcast! This week the Canadian Geeks sit down with guitarist Dennis Post.

If you don’t know, Dennis has an extensive resume of albums that feature his 6 string prowess. The Geeks dive into the stories behind some of these albums and bands.

Stories like his first rehearsal and gig with Warrior Soul. How penance for stealing a pie resulted in him joining the band The City Kids. I could continue here but let’s hear from the man himself about our interview…

“Okay so… I did an interview with the awesome guys at CGCM Radio, and it doesn’t happen very often I get asked to do that. I would assume for the following reasons:

1. I’m rarely asked because I don’t exactly have Slash status.
2. I fucking suck at it! This isn’t a joke, I really mean it! I say all the wrong things at the right time, I forget what I’m talking about in the middle of talking, and I ramble like an idiot about stuff non related to.. well, anything ever!
The good news is that while me making an ass of myself doesn’t get me into Mensa, it most certainly makes for very entertaining radio. Tune in for what I can only assume will be fun as well as a little cringe worthy.”

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