I really wasn’t going to do any reviews of tAKiDA’s The Hammer Bell Tour.  I was, actually just going to take some pictures, watch some amazing live band and hang out with my son.  But, sometimes a band impresses you so much that you just have to write about them.  That’s how I felt about Browsing Collection.

The Band

We saw the last two shows of The Hammer Bell Tour in Sundsvall then Sandviken. Browsing Collection was the opening band and were added to the tour after Royal Republic had to back out.  They are a Swedish, all-female, quartet. Formed in 2015 the members are Mimi Brander (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Moa Lenngren (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Nora Lenngren (Bass, Vocals) and Carro Karlsson (Drums).  They have played at Sweden Rock Fest twice and placed 5th in Melodifestivalen 2022.

The Energy

From the minute Browsing Collection hit the stage, I could tell they were there to kick ass and win over the crowd.  They went all out, non-stop for both shows.  They owned the stage and played one, instantly likeable, song after another.  Best of all they looked like they were having fun and truly enjoying themselves.  Their enthusiasm was infectious, and the crowd responded as such.  Browsing Collection are talented musicians who actually know how to play their instruments.  Their songs border between hard rock and punk with catchy riffs, heavy drums and massive attitude.  Definitely a winning combination.

Not a Review

Like I said before, I really didn’t want to do a review of this show.  I went with the idea that I would not be reviewing so I wrote nothing down, not even the setlist.  But almost two months later my son and I are still talking about Browsing Collection which tells me I should try to spread the word.  So, I guess this is more of a “heads up” or a “put this band on your radar” than a review.  Three songs I recommend to get you started are “Face in the Crowd”, “On the Run” and “Thank God It’s Friday”. I’m happy we got to see them on the Hammer Bell Tour and hope I get to see them again sometime soon.


Photos: Kryfar

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Back in 2015, CGCM‘s Rich “The Meister” Dillon, then reporting for Decibel Geek, found Browsing Collection at Sweden Rock and reviewed their Greetings From Wonderland CD: BROWSING COLLECTION – Greetings From Wonderland (Album Review)

Browsing Collection – Face in the Crowd

Startnummer 5 i deltävling 2, Melodifestivalen 2022: 6:e plats. Artist: Browsing Collection. Bidrag: “Face in the Crowd”. Låtskrivare: Sandra Bjurman, Mimi Brander, Carolina Karlsson, Moa Lenngren, Nora Lenngren och Jimmy Wahlsteen. Melodifestivaldebuterande Browsing Collection beskriver sin musik som medryckande hårdrock med punkattityd och metalinfluenser.