For the fourth consecutive year, the Canadian Decibel Geek team of Wallygator Norton and Rich “The Meister” Dillon, the Hoser Heavy Metal Twins, return to the Decibel Geek airwaves. In what has become a yearly tradition in which regular weekly podcast hosts, Chris and Aaron take their Thanksgiving off and the Canadians host the episode, the duo from The Great White North present an episode jam-packed with music from Canadian artists.

Hoser Heavy Metal Hour Vol 4 Decibel Geek Podcast episode 216

Hoser Heavy Metal Hour Vol4


Due to schedule alignment issues, mainly caused by a trip to Tokyo, the boys were unable to record with their planned guest host in time. As a solution, they reached out to some of their favorite Canadian bands and artists, some popular and some more underground, and had them choose the music for this hour-plus episode. You’ll hear tracks by Refugee, Rush, Public Animal, April Wine, A Foot in Cold Water and more as chosen by artists like Brian Vollmer (Helix), Sarasin, Gerry McGhee (Brighton Rock), Diemonds, A Rebel Few, and Shock.

Geeks of the Week:

Matt Ashcraft, Mike Stewart, Miguel Nunez, Kevin Williams, Ages of Rock podcast, Allen Tate, Todd Cunningham, Joe Lascon, Robin Bennett, Brian Knapp, Ian Wadley (Rock & Metal Combat podcast), Rockin’ Ron Runyon, Billy Hardaway, Wayne Cross, Brandt Cattell, Paul Korn, The Riff of the Day, Shane Hebert, Joe Royland, Marc Taylor, Greg McGlone, Unknown Elements Obscure Rock & Metal, Andrew Jacobs, Adam Cox, The Terrance & Marc Experience, Mikael Burrell, Podcasts Are The Best, Ruben Garcia, Ernesto Aguilar, Billy Hardcore, Derek Novak, Hoops, TJ Cullen, Ken Chase, Colin Francis, Music Mags And Wax, KST, Jay Szczeblewski, The Mooger Fooger, Jay Fenaus

Buy Music!

Crash Kelly (Sean Kelly) -picked- Refugee

Rusted -picked- April Wine

Coney Hatch (Carl Dixon) -picked- A Foot In Cold Water

Helix (Brian Vollmer) -picked- Scrubbaloe Caine

Shock -picked- Sword

Midnight Malice -picked- Public Animal

A Rebel Few -picked- Creekwater Junkies

Sarasin -picked- Rush

Gerry McGhee (Brighton Rock) -picked- Rush

Diemonds -picked- Kill Cheerleader

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