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WAYWARD SONS – Even Up The Score (October 08, 2021)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: WAYWARD SONS – Even Up The Score (October 08, 2021) UK rockers Wayward Sons are preparing to unleash their third album, Even Up The Score on October 8, 2021. Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Toby Jepson, who is joined by Nic Wastell (bass), Phil Martini (drums), and Sam […]

New Singles – January 25, 2021 (BEAVER BUZZ)

Hello CGCM Rock Radio listeners and readers! Welcome to Beaver Buzz, a bi-weekly segment written by contributor Dave Wilks showcasing some newly released (or recently added) singles to the CGCM Rock Radio rotation. While listening to our station, you’ll hear our mascot Buzzsaw Beaver come on at the top of the hour with a new […]

CGCM Podcast EP#82-Riot Radio Vol. 11-HRH XIII (Meister)

The CGCM Podcast is proud to present the second installment of the new recurring theme for their audio podcast episodes! Co-host Rich “The Meister” Dillon is widely known for his globe-trotting rock and roll adventures. Enter the Meister’s Travels series, which technically began some episodes back with our Call of the Wild, or Sweden Rock, […]

WAYWARD SONS – Truth Ain’t What it Used to Be (October 11, 2019)

New release from: Wayward Sons – Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be October 11, 2019 The new Wayward Sons album, The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be is a full-blooded (and full-throttled) R-O-C-K album. The songs within define the band as writers and players, exploding out of your chosen audio player. The record […]


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