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STARMEN – Welcome to My World (Album Review)

Mystery As far as gimmicks go the “mystery band” image is not a new phenomenon. Of course, we had KISS in the early 70s but I daresay there were many more before them. Which brings me to Swedish melodic rock act Starmen. Their take on the look is to have each member’s face painted with […]


The Swedish AOR Convention (May 31-June 02, 2019 in Malmo), recently unveiled more special acts. The roster is already stocked with Swedish AOR bands appearing at the first time event. The Swedish AOR Convention is born from last year’s MelodicRock Fest Scandinavia. Read about my time at that event here: MRFS Day #1 / MRFS […]

Captain Black Beard – It’s a Mouthful (Album Review)

Captain Black Beard – It’s a Mouthful (Album Review)

Edward Teach, better known to most as Captain Black Beard the notorious pirate shares his well-known moniker with a melodic rock band from Sweden, really where else would they be from with the veritable hotbed of musical output from that Scandinavian nation in the last few years. The band was born in 2009 and after […]


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