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RONNIE ATKINS – Stockholm – Gothenburg (Concerts Review)

Ronnie Atkins at Hus7 Stockholm Pure magic! That’s what everyone in the room at Hus 7 felt on May 23, 2022. When Pretty Maids frontman Ronnie Atkins announced that he was inflicted with stage 4 cancer, he himself never thought he’d be singing again. Here we are about two years later, two albums later and […]

STUNGUN SONS Interview – Rachel Leigh Vendetta (CGIM #2)

The CGCM (Canadian Geeks Chatting Metal) Podcast/Website is proud to present our latest segment. Welcome to CGIM (Canadian Geeks Interviewing Metal). Our website contributing team, be them in Canada or around the world, are always attending gigs. Often they are hobnobbing with the musicians. So why not present them interviewing musicians? These audio interviews can […]