STUNGUN SONS Interview - Rachel Leigh Vendetta (CGIM #2)

The CGCM (Canadian Geeks Chatting Metal) Podcast/Website is proud to present our latest segment. Welcome to CGIM (Canadian Geeks Interviewing Metal). Our website contributing team, be them in Canada or around the world, are always attending gigs. Often they are hobnobbing with the musicians. So why not present them interviewing musicians? These audio interviews can heard through Soundcloud, iTunes and all other platforms.

Enjoy this second in the series as website writer/photographer Rachel Leigh Vendetta is joined by Swedish Hard Rockers StunGun Sons for a chat ahead of their first show of 2020 at Harry B James in Stockholm. Also included here is Rachel‘s photo gallery from the gig!

STUNGUN SONS – Rachel Leigh Vendetta

Hey everyone, this is Rachel Leigh Vendetta, the newest CGCM recruit! I moved to Stockholm, Sweden about a year and a half ago from Canada and the concerts have been non-stop since! Here you can find my photo gallery and interview with Swedish band StunGun Sons, who describe their sound as a “mix between Airbourne and AC/DC” as lead guitarist Mikael puts it. I got to chat with them before their first show of 2020, which was also their first show with lead singer Adam replacing former band member Johan on guitar. Despite admitting being a little nervous about these changes, the boys kicked ass and delivered some adrenaline-filled old school rock n roll.

If you’re a fan of bands who deliver no-bullshit rock that’s all about having fun, look no further than these four guys. Consisting of Adam Inghamn (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Mikael Juntti (lead guitar), Fredde Burestad (bass) and Tim Jälminger (drums), these guys prove the spirit of rock n roll is alive and well in Stockholm. In this interview you’ll hear them speak about everything from how the band started, stories from the studio, how their new single “Bound In Stone” came to be, and future plans for music releases. You really could not meet a nicer and funnier group of guys, and I think we can expect big things to come from these Swedes! Be sure to check out their music below!

Stay Metal! \m/
Rachel Leigh Vendetta

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STUNGUN SONS Interview – Rachel Leigh Vendetta (CGIM #2)

Photo Gallery -Rachel Leigh Vendetta

StunGun Sons – Everyone’s Electric (Official)

StunGun Sons – Everyone’s Electric Spotify: StunGun Sons is a action Rock n’ Roll band from Stockholm, Sweden formed in 2016. Adam Inghamn – Vocals Mikael Juntti – Guitar Johan Jönsson – Guitar Fredde Burestad – Bass Tim Jälminger – Drums Music video produced and directed by Rickard Linder.