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WICKED STONE – Ain’t No Rest (Album Review)

Have you ever heard something for the first time and knew immediately that you were going to absolutely love it?  For me, this happens every now and then, and when it does I get so excited to be at the start of a journey into music that I will listen to for years. One of […]

CGCM Podcast EP#53 – Chatting Metal With Paul Stanley!

You read that correctly. The Canadian Geeks sit down and chat metal with Mr. Paul “Freakin” Stanley! It’s a dream come true episode as Wallygator and The Meister chat via telephone with the Paul Stanley. So get yourself a frosty cold beverage, sit back and hear all about some of Paul‘s favourite metal music. Now […]

CLOVEN HOOF – The Rock & Roll Rum (Blog Post)

CLOVEN HOOF Cloven Hoof is a premium aged rum imported from Guyana & Trinidad and blended with a mysterious concoction of natural spices. A proud supporter of British Rock Music, Cloven Hoof has gained a big following in the UK’s rock music scene. A week or so ago I found myself in London, UK. It […]


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