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ELEINE – All Shall Burn (Album Review)

Hailing from Sweden, Eleine is back with the new EP All Shall Burn. With heavy riffs, harsh growls, captivating vocals and beautiful symphonic arrangements Eleine has mesmerized fans all over the world. Their self-titled debut album released in 2015 which followed up with several shows in Sweden. In 2016 they toured with Moonspell on their […]

ANVIL – Pounding the Pavement (Album Review)

Calling Toronto, Ontario as home, Canadian heavy metal/thrash/speed icons Anvil are once again proving “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The band’s 17th full-length studio output, Pounding the Pavement, is out January 19th, 2018 on Steamhammer/SPV. A total staple on the heavy metal landscape, Anvil are almost like the fly you can’t shoo away. Like the rash after […]

WORRY BLAST – .44 (Album Review)

Worry Blast have chosen to begin their .44 album with “Outta Nowhere”. Disgustingly appropriate seeing as that’s what happened here. They came at me hard from “Outta Nowhere”! This album is high-energy AC/DC influenced hard rock from the first second to the last. Hailing from Switzerland, Worry Blast has apparently been around since at least […]

DEVOID – Cup of Tears (Album Review)

When a record comes to you supplied by a label such as Melodic Rock Records, one would expect, well melodic rock. And yes there’s tons of melody ingrained in Devoid‘s Cup of Tears release. But there’s more. So much more. Power metal, I hear glorious power metal all over Cup of Tears. Some symphonic leanings […]

BEDLAM REBELS – Self-titled EP (EP Review)

San Diego based rock ‘n’ roll band Bedlam Rebels reached out to Decibel Geek via email to request that we take a listen to their forthcoming self-titled EP. The five-song collection drops on January 16, 2017, via Vonspor Records. For some bio info on Bedlam Rebels, they are comprised of Sean Macomber (vocals), Chris Sporleder […]

ANDY BASIOLA – Behind the Illusion (EP Review)

Sometimes it’s the little guys that provide the most enjoyment. I couldn’t help but think such thoughts while taking a listen to this five-song EP. I speak of Andy Basiola – Behind the Illusion (EP) that’s due for issue on January 19, 2018. As one must be to rise above the literal wave of submissions […]

THE GANG – The Gang (Album Review)

Female-fronted hard rock from Slovakia! Well, that sounds pretty cool…let’s check it out! Coming to fruition originally in 2013, from what I can find on the internet, The Gang formed with bassist Tom the Thunder, classically educated keyboardist Iggy the Reaper and heavyweight drummer Dr. Evil. Is that Michael Myers? In 2014, The Gang issued an EP titled Let It Rock before talented young vocalist Dory (whose […]

WHITE WIZZARD – Infernal Overdrive (Album Review)

I’ve been listening to White Wizzard for some time now. Years actually. No idea where I first discovered the band, but I was probably drawn in by the misspelling of “wizard”. Anytime a band misspells with Z’s or adds random umlauts over letters, their music is usually great. Now that that’s out of the way, I […]

SEASONS OF THE WOLF – Last Act of Defiance (Album Review)

After an eleven-year-long hiatus from the musical landscape, Seasons of the Wolf are crashing back in a big way. Who? Well, OK, me too. Opening up the promo from Iron Shield Records, I was previously unfamiliar with this US band. Forming in Florida in 1988, Seasons of the Wolf have issued four long players ahead of […]

TRESPASS – Footprints in the Rock (Album Review)

Yet another of those bands from the 80s making a resurgence. Are we tired of it yet…hell no! Certainly not when they’re awesome. In this case, we have a band called Trespass. These guys started out in Suffolk, England in 1979. Originally put together by brothers Mark (guitar/vocals) and Paul Sutcliffe (drums), Dave Crawte (guitar), […]


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