STEEL PANTHER - House Of Blues July 30, 2023 (Concert Blog)

STEEL PANTHER – House Of Blues July 30, 2023

Controversial glam metal band Steel Panther celebrated their new album On the Prowl with a U.S. tour “raging” from New York in July to Las Vegas by August, including an overnight stop in New Orleans for a show at the House of Blues this provocatively unholy Sunday the 30th. Joining Steel Panther for the tour is Canadian rock band BRKN LOVE. While they don’t share the same iconic ’80s stage persona, this opener complemented the headliner’s set with amazing vocals and on-stage charisma.


BRKN LOVE was a delicious appetizer for the evening, offering a palatable and enjoyable set that went down easy. The band played tightly together and seemed to be having a great time; bassist Nick Katz was especially animated and lead singer/guitarist Justin Benlolo performed effortlessly, despite a small technical hiccup with his guitar pedals. The crowd at the barricade seemed to love their performance and grew with each song they played.

After BRKN LOVE left the stage, the New Orleans House of Blues was dancing with an electric wave of energy and we were excited for more. I was standing in the corner of the music hall as the room began to reach critical mass – the audience that had pooled in the pit during BRKN LOVE’s opening act had now coagulated into a solid unit spanning wall to wall.

Steel Panther

As I pushed through a flock of platinum-blonde wigs and at least one Wayne’s World hat to reach the photo pit, I realized something: Steel Panther is more than a band; they are a time machine. They don’t remind you of your childhood, they take you there. Michael Starr, Satchel, Stix Zadinia, and Spyder took the stage like true 80s legends, wearing yellow zebra print and holding red solo cups, and owned the night like it was 1987 in downtown LA.

Steel Panther is known for being a parody rock band, but Michael Starr’s vocal performance would make you think otherwise; his velvety voice and crazy high range paired with Satchel’s songwriting abilities made for one hell of a show. Maybe it was Michael’s voice, or maybe it was his fresh botox and hair extensions, but either way, the crowd was loving it.

Spyder was announced as a new addition to the band and permanent bassist in September 2022, after previous bassist Lexxi Foxx left to focus on family. Although this was my first time seeing Steel Panther, Spyder fit right in with the rest of the band and gave a cohesive performance. Considering that Spyder has previously played with Michael and Satchel in other bands and that he started the night by throwing “Cocaine-Filled Boobie Bites” into the audience, I would say he’s clearly a great fit. Completing the lineup is seasoned member Stix Zadinia, who has been the band’s drummer since 2003.

Part of the magic of Steel Panther is that the show is half music, half stand-up comedy. From the flowing liquor to the Boobie Counter, to the “cocaine” candies and unsavory sex jokes, Steel Panther is a decidedly R-rated experience. However, their impressive technical performance and ability to command a crowd sets them apart from any other bands in their league. As someone who was born in the 90s and will always wish that she got to experience the 80s, I’d like to thank Steel Panther for teleporting me there for the evening.


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