Nova Rex (Rocklahoma 2016 Spotlight)

Nova Rex logoNova Rex? Yeah, me neither. But Decibel Geek‘s Mikael “The Lionsheart” Svensson basically commanded me to check out Nova Rex at Rocklahoma 2016. And not only that but get at least two songs on video! So like a good little soldier off I went. Don’t let me fool you, I rather implicitly trust this man’s judgement as well…..and he didn’t steer me wrong!

The band flooded the Retrospect Stage and opened with “Bring the House Down”, fitting as that’s basically what they did! The set was chock full of classic 80’s style metal including tracks like “She’s a Bitch”, “Crank It Up” and “Turn it Up Loud”. Surprisingly, “Turn It Up Loud” is not on the greatest hits CD that I bought after the show. They even played the Budweiser commercial song for a little humor and as they said, earn their paycheck. The band had the crowd growing every second as folks departed the ranting cry baby on the main stage. Drawn in by Nova Rex, cheering along with raised fists, the audience was loving this.

Nova Rex - ROK - The MeisterAfter a little investigation, I learned that Nova Rex ranked in the Top 50 out of 100 Greatest Glam bands from the 80’s by VH1. Surprising that I hadn’t crossed paths with them previously. Even more so that the music of Nova Rex was used in the documentary film Hair I Go Again. Maybe I just better finally peel the cellophane off that sucker and pop the DVD into the player. Nova Rex also is the subject of their own documentary film that I see hailed as a hilarious account of what it was like to be a part of the action during the late 80’s and its transition into the 90’s.

Thank you, Mikael, for the tip about these guys! A big thank you to Retrospect Records for bringing them to Rocklahoma and of course to Nova Rex for one of the top shows of the festival event for me! Check out the live video for “Crank It Up” shot at Rocklahoma by Decibel Geek‘s Rockin’ Ron Runyon and watch for more coming soon on Decibel Geek YouTube.

Gotta go now and “Crank It Up” as I scour Amazon to begin acquiring the rest of the Nova Rex catalog!

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