LORDI - Screem Writers Guild (March 31, 2023)

LORDI – Screem Writers Guild

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New release from: LORDI – Screem Writers Guild (March 31, 2023)

World’s favourite hard rock monsters, LORDI, are gearing up for the next chapter of their spooky history: After the release of their 7-CD(!) album box, Lordiversity, the famous Finnish group around mastermind Mr. Lordi has fully seized the time at home during the pandemic to record their new album SCREEM WRITERS GUILD – a truly spooktacular hard rock masterpiece full of sing-along hymns and cinematic artworks. (text taken from Amazon.com)

The first single is available now. Check out “Lucyfer Prime Evil” below.

This is a first chance for the fans to hear our new guitar player Kone in action on a record. He is doing a pretty lengthy guitar solo on the track, with Hella backing him up by keyboard harmonies here and there. It’s also the very first time in Lordi‘s history that you can actually hear the whole band sing backing vocals on this album. Story-wise, “Lucyfer Prime Evil” gives a quite good example of the themes and lyrical content that await you on the record: it’s a horror story, kinda like an eery horror movie theme song. Although this song isn’t really based on any particular horror movie, the conceptual theme of what to expect from the whole album should come across pretty clear. (text taken from Lordi Facebook page)


1 Dead Again Jayne
2 SCG XVIII: Nosferiuz Horror Show
3 Unliving Picture Show
4 Inhumanoid
5 Thing in the Cage
6 Vampyro Fang Club
7 The Bride
8 Lucyfer Prime Evil
9 Scarecrow
10 Lycantropical Island
11 In the Castle of Dracoolove
12 The SCG Awards
13 Heavengeance
14 End Credits

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