LOVEBITES - Judgement Day (March 3, 2023)

LOVEBITES – Judgement Day

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New release from: LOVEBITES – Judgement Day (March 3, 2023)

LOVEBITES, with the new formation welcoming the new bassist Fami, will release its fourth original album on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, in Japan, March 3, 2023, in North America.

The new album entitled Judgement Day which seems to hint something, will contain ten new songs, and was mixed and mastered by Finnish masterminds, Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila, who have worked on all of the band’s previous studio albums.

The cover art of the album will feature the wolf, which has appeared on all previous albums as the incarnation of the band, again on this album.

The limited editions A and B will have a documentary video of the auditions including an interview with the band on the day of the bassist auditions and an interview with Fami, who was still one of the finalists then. They will also include the four full studio sessions of “The Hammer Of Wrath,” “Golden Destination,” and “Shadowmaker,” as well as “Bravehearted,” the first song the five members played together after Fami joined the band. The limited edition C is a two-disc set with a CD containing instrumental versions of ten songs. The standard edition will also include one of a total of six illustration stickers, one for each member plus a secret one, at random. (text edited from Lovebites’ Facebook page)

Lovebites, One Of Japan’s Most Important Names In Heavy Metal, Return From Their Hiatus With A New Member And New Album. JUDGEMENT DAY, The Fittingly Titled Album Will Be The First To Feature The Band’s New Line-Up, Which Includes Bassist Fami, Who Was Selected After An Audition Process And Is Just 20 Years Of Age. The Fast, Melodic, And Heavy Metal Sound That Lovebites Has Excelled At Since Their Debut Is Still Burning Strong But Has Been Sublimated Further. Newcomer Fami Also Brings An Added Charm To The Quintet, Including Her Signature Slap Technique. The Album Contains Ten Completely New Songs, Mixed And Mastered By Finnish Masterminds Mikko Karmila And Mika Jussila, Who Have Worked On All The Band’s Studio Albums. (text taken from


1 – We Are the Resurrection
2 – Judgement Day
3 – The Spirit Lives on
4 – Wicked Witch
5 – Stand and Deliver (Shoot ‘Em Down)
6 – Victim of Time
7 – My Orion
8 – Lost in the Garden
9 – Dissonance
10 – Soldier Stands Solitarily

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Here is the video clip to “”Judgement Day”” taken from Lovebites’ comeback album ‘JUDGEMENT DAY’, out February 22, 2023! The video clip will be available digitally on December 24, 2022!