HUMAN ZOO – Echoes Beyond (April 27, 2024)


🤘New release from: HUMAN ZOOEchoes Beyond (April 27, 2024)🤘

Since two decades, an unstoppable power of sound has emerged
from the amplifiers of the internationally established hard rock band HUMAN ZOO from Balingen. Founded in 2004, the band is certainly anything but ordinary with its line-up consisting of guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keyboards and saxophone.

With an impressive discography ranging from powerful anthems to soft ballads, they have gained a loyal fan base around the world. Each of the band’s albums is an independent chapter in the band’s history, which is reflected in various awards, such as the audience vote from the rock magazine Rock It! was confirmed as ‘Newcomer of the Year 2006’. HUMAN ZOO also scored points with the current CD My Own God and won the INNOCENT AWARD 2016 from the magazine “Cute and Dangerous”.

The new, fifth disc will be released just in time for the twentieth anniversary on April 26th, 2024 under the title ECHOES BEYOND. Rock is interpreted in a very unique, modern and catchy way and always close to the pulse of the times, this is how the music of the Swabian rockers can be characterized. Varied and classic rock elements are combined with modern influences, creating the typical Human Zoo style. Their energetic stage shows force the audience to immerse themselves in their sound world as they dominate the stage with an irresistible mix of passion and raw energy.


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