BEYOND THE LABYRINTH - xxV (December 15, 2021)


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New release from: BEYOND THE LABYRINTH – xxV (December 15, 2021)

On December 15, 2021, the new and fifth album from Belgian rock band Beyond The Labyrinth will be released, called xxV. This to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band.

xxV (pronounced: “Twenty-Five”) is Beyond The Labyrinth’s 5th album, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the band. Recorded in plain Covid Crisis, all band members recorded their parts in their own home studio, except the drums that were also recorded at GPS (Geert’s Private Studio). For the mixing and production, we chose to build a light, transparent mix, with the real rock drum sound as the base foundation, where all instruments have their own space and place without having to compete with each other. Technically this meant staying away as much as possible from compressors, reverbs etc, allowing the dynamics and nuances of all instruments to shine through. The end result is a clear, varied, easily accessible listening experience where one can hear all the subtleties, variations and different vocal styles and phrasings of lead singer Filip Lemmens.

Compared to previous albums, the songs are shorter and more to the point. The whole album radiates a Classic Rock feel, but with a modern sound that still manages to refer to the roots from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

“Fans First”

Like the band’s approach to music, the strategy to be able to release the album was quite out of the box as well: To be able to finance the pressing, band leader Geert Fieuw privately reached out to all fans, bypassing usual “10% commission fee” platforms and personally vouching for the project. Fans heeded the call and were rewarded by receiving their album on CD before any press or promo was sent out. Selected stores and outlets in native Flanders, as well as the band’s own Bandcamp page, have the album available as early as December 15th, 2021 but the band remains open to any licensing deal. The virtual (digital) release (minus the exclusive CD bonus tracks) of xxV date is February 15th, 2022


1 – Altitude For Energy

2 – Louder Than Thunder

3 – Invisible Battle Scars

4 – Nothing Comes For Free

5 – Dedicated To Sir J./Rush Rush Rush

6 – Falcon Eye

7 – In Camera

8 – This Is How We Roll

9 – Improve, Enhance

10 – Up There In The Sky

11 – Rise Above

12 – Long Way Home

Bonus tracks:

13 – Healer (2021 version)

14 – Wings (2021 version)


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