FOUST- It's a Vibe

FOUST- It’s a Vibe

I recently told someone that I was bad at coming up with bands to compare other bands to. You know, when someone asks who a band sounds like, and you answer “they sound like insert band here.” Exhibit A: I compared Foust to Alice in Chains on the December 1 Beaver Buzz show. Sure, I’d argue the dense guitars, sludge, and tones are all there. Sometimes. But someone who dislikes Alice in Chains would see that comparison and immediately dismiss the EP, It’s a Vibe. That’d be a bummer because they’d miss out on a great band with all the best ingredients of modern hard rock:  metal, grunge, classic rock, soul, and punk.

Based in Nashville, here is a bit more about the band from the Foust bio: “Baring the bands name, lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter, Chris Foust recruited longtime confidant and drummer Todd Schlosser (Blackwater James, Majestjc Swayzee, and ATG) and bassist/producer Chris Utley to form the primary elements of the group.”

Aside from the vocals, guitar work, and omnipresence on social media, Christ Foust‘s songwriting is the special sauce that holds it all together. The lyrics are raw, relatable, and optimistic. You can easily connect with the emotions behind the songs.

The Songs

The first track immediately disproved my AIC comparisons. “Leaving” is a southern rock-tinged, modern hard rock song. It’s even got some pop-sensibility. Any station that plays Mammoth WVH should also play this song.

The second track was a little closer to the comparison. It’s nice and heavy, filled with sludgy riffs and powerful, melodic vocals, “The Dark” was a great choice for a single. The huge chorus kicks the song into second gear and doesn’t let up.

Foust keeps riding the huge riffs wave with “Heavy in the Hand“. The band does double-time on this one. Kudos to the mad drumming from Todd Schlosser while Chris Foust crushes an epic solo. My favorite track on the album, probably because I love that punk influence shining through.

OK, “You’ll Never Know” sounds like it could be on Jar of Flies. I happened to have loved the EP and really consider it a compliment. It’s an eight-and-a-half-minute ride on hooks that do exactly what they’re supposed to do: hook you, and make you stay to the end. The vocals — lead and harmonies — fit perfectly with the rise and fall of action in the song. I bet this is killer live.

The final song “Unmake Me” takes a completely different, but successful direction. That’s all I’m saying. Check it out.

Summary, final thoughts, etc.

With the sophomore effort, Foust leveled up. The songs are great across the board. The mix of so many different influences, so many decades of rock produce this band Foust. They embraced it and released a hard rock gem that transforms familiar styles into something completely new.

I highly recommend this late 2021 release. If you’re still thinking of your Best of 2021 candidates, Foust’sIt’s a Vibe” is worth a listen before you miss this well-rounded release. Most anyone across the metal and rock spectrum could find something to love on this album, then get hooked on the rest.



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