ATLANTIS DRIVE – Atlantis Drive (June 14, 2024)


🤘New release from: ATLANTIS DRIVEAtlantis Drive (June 14, 2024)🤘

We are thrilled to be able to announce that our debut album will be released on Pride & Joy Music on 14th of June!

Composer and guitar player Markus Pfeffer (Barnabas Sky, Lazarus Dream, Winterland) explains: “I had a very clear goal with this album: To take up the sound of the keyboard-orientated melodic hard rock of the eighties with a slightly nostalgic glamour and transport it into the modern era.
To achieve this, a keyboard player had to be found. I quickly found the perfect congenial partner in Jorris Guilbaud from France (Heart Line, Devoid) and he came up with some really impressive synth arrangements, sounds and melodies that have never been heard on any of my albums before and are more than impressive. It’s amazing. The spherical intro for the 8.5-minute closing epic “Heroes” (which is about our musical heroes who have sadly already passed away) in particular offers some goosebump moments.

My well-known namesake Markus Kullmann (Glenn Hughes, VOODOO CIRCLE etc.) is on drums. Last but not least, vocal legend Mark Boals from the USA is featured on (very impressive!) vocals. Mark sang on Yngwie Malmsteen‘s Trilogy album in the eighties (and later on several other albums) and is also known as the singer for Shining Black, ROYAL HUNT and Iron Mask as well as being the live bassist for Dokken. Mark has written lyrics for the 10 songs that are really worth listening to and reading and has conjured up ultra-melodic vocal lines and catchy choruses!

One of the 10 songs (“United”) is based on a composition by my long-time friend, former band colleague in Winterland and musical companion Jürgen Walzer (Dispyria by Juergen Walzer), which Jorris Guilbaud and I have added a few instrumental parts to.

The album cover – which I think fits the concept perfectly – was created by Alex Frey (Tower13Studio) and the stem mastering was done by Rolf Munkes in his Empire Studios.

The band logo was created by Jobert Mello/Sledgehammer Graphix from Rio, Brazil.

The first lyric video by W Designer for the nostalgic opener “Way Back When” will be released in April.


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