WHITEABBEY – The Words That Form The Key (February 23, 2024)


New release from: WHITEABBEYThe Words That Form The Key (February 23, 2024)

In early 2020, the world practically stopped. Necessity being the mother of invention, musicians were forced to find new avenues of creativity and collaboration. And so WHITEABBEY was born, originally intended as a studio side-project between Steve Moore of Northern Ireland’s STORMZONE and Tamara Bouwhuis of Netherlands’s DIM CRIMSON. The first batch of songs were released in groups of three, each one representing a chapter in the WHITEABBEY story. These chapters were then themselves grouped into threes, with each one of those representing a volume, which was then self-released as an album. Two albums were recorded and released this way, along with an EP based on the fairytale of Snow White, complete with narration by Graham McNulty from STORMZONE. Realizing the potential of the band and the material, Steve and Tamara decided to make WHITEABBEY their main focus, eschewing all other distractions. Graham McNulty on bass and Badger Duncan on drums were recruited to complete the line-up that will be taking the music to the live arena in 2024.

WHITEABBEY album number #3 WORDS THAT FORM THE KEY is scheduled to be released on February 23rd, 2024. Drawing on influences ranging from power and symphonic metal like NIGHTWISH or WITHIN TEMPTATION through to more traditional rock and metal sources like HELLOWEEN ANNIHILATOR, THIN LIZZY or JUDAS PRIEST, the band have crafted a musical world with massive riffs, catchy hooks, intoxicating vocals and blistering guitar solos in which the listener can be immersed. Broaching topics as diverse as controlling relationships, Irish history and mythology, various types of loss, revenge, and even pirates and dragons, the band has created a suite of songs that are insightful and deep in places, and light-hearted and uplifting in others!


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