WARWOLF - The Apocalyptic Waltz (September 29, 2023)

WARWOLF – The Apocalyptic Waltz


New release from: WARWOLF – The Apocalyptic Waltz (September 29, 2023)

The WARWOLF strikes again!

After the success of the 2022 album Necropolis, the band, which emerged from the Cologne formation WOLFEN, follows up with The Apocalyptic Waltz. Musically, WARWOLF still live out their love for IRON MAIDEN, but they have made their sound slightly more modern and spiced it up with polyphonic choirs. Singer Andreas von Lipinski‘s vocals are still based on the beginnings of the NWOBHM legend. This mix works brilliantly and was once again superbly captured and produced by GRAVE DIGGER mastermind Chris Boltendahl. Furthermore, other influences of the NWHOBH can be heard and the producer’s band shines through every now and then.

This is how a classic heavy metal work came into being, the lyrics of which revolve around an alliance between humans and vampires who, together with the WARWOLF and his henchmen in Necropolis, the city of the dead, dance the apocalyptic waltz and make plans for the enslavement of mankind. However, the resistance led by Van Helsing‘s daughter, destroys Necropolis! And the WARWOLF? … That’s what we have to find out! Despite the thematic red thread that runs through most of the songs on the album, the album is not to be seen as a concept album, since two or three songs have nothing to do with this topic and each song can also stand on its own.

With The Apocalyptic Waltz WARWOLF sets a benchmark in the German Metal scene and should be checked out by every traditional metalhead! The vinyl in transparent blue vinyl comes with CD.


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