THRONE OF THORNS – Converging Parallel Worlds (February 16, 2024)

THRONE OF THORNS - Converging Parallel Worlds (February 16, 2024)🔥NEW UPCOMING ALBUM RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT!🔥

🤘New release from: THRONE OF THORNSConverging Parallel Worlds (February 16, 2024)🤘

With power and precision, Throne Of Thorns, a new Belgian metal band, forges harmonious melodies and dynamic vocals over a solid foundation of captivating guitar riffs. and does not hold back from incorporating classical (and cinematic) elements into their music. As such, crafting a unique sonic journey by blending melodic, heavy, power and progressive metal. Their debut album Converging Parallel Worlds will be released under the banner of Rock Of Angels Records.

The album’s title serves as a metaphor for the dwindling time left to alter our destructive course, preventing Earth and humanity from succumbing to the ravages of relentless prosperity. With soaring melodies and memorable choruses, THRONE OF THORNS creates music that lingers in the mind, revealing new layers with each listen.

The album deals with the pressing issues of global injustice, delving into the seductive grip of capitalism, power abuse and self-indulgence. Founded by guitarist and songwriter Thomas Jethro Verleye, the band has assembled a talented lineup of musicians, including the Ostrogoth vocalist Josey Hindrix, Wim Rotthier on keyboards, Guy Vercruysse (Reject The Sickness) for backing vocals, production, mixing, and Baruch Van Bellegem on drums. The mastering of the album was entrusted to Jacob Hansen, an internationally acclaimed Danish producer known for his unwavering commitment to sonic perfection.

Track listing

1. Rise 1:24

2. Storm Maker 8:34

3. Atomic Retribution 6:09

4. Black Diamond 8:46

5. Converging Parallel Worlds 9:44

6. Underworld 5:46

7. Throne Of Thorns 3:15

8. Fire And Ice 11:21


Josey Hindrix

Thomas Jethro Verleye

Baruch Van Bellegem

Wim Rotthier

Guy Vercruysse

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