THE DIRTY DENIMS - Action Rock Jukebox (August 27, 2021)

THE DIRTY DENIMS – Action Rock Jukebox

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New release from: THE DIRTY DENIMS – Action Rock Jukebox (August 27, 2021)

Action Rock Jukebox Series…

Screaming Crow Records have gathered up some of the best Rock N Roll bands from all over the world to bring you an awesome new 45 series call Action Rock Jukebox. Each band has submitted a rockin’ version of a song that would have been found on your local jukebox in the 70s & 80s backed with an original track from the band. These large-holed 45s are perfect for that old jukebox in your basement. Each single comes with a jukebox title card and a custom 45 adapter in case you don’t have one of those cool old jukeboxes. Each release will feature 100 colour vinyl and 200 black vinyl versions. The first 50 copies sold will be autographed by the band. Right now the singles will only be available on Screaming Crow‘s and the bands’ websites. (links below) There are 8 bands scheduled right now. Once all the singles are out, Screaming Crow will compile them into one killer double LP and CD and release them through our normal retail channels.

The Dirty Denims…

The 4th installment of our amazing Action Rock Jukebox series features our favourite Rock band from The Netherlands, The Dirty Denims. These dames and dude kick out a great version of KISS‘ “Rock N Roll All Night” with a killer B side of their own “Better Believe It.” If you could combine Bon Scott ara AC/DC with The Donnas with a dash of Ramones, KISS and Joan Jett you might have an idea of what this amazing band has to offer! Subscribe to all their social media below.


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