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CGCM Podcast EP#104-Riot Radio Vol 20 (Meister)

Well, here we are again for the 20th Riot Radio. This episode very nearly wasn’t. From sound issues plaguing the Meister to actually totally losing the intro file causing the boys to re-record, episode #104 almost became a casualty. But never fear, all has been band-aided together, rush recorded intro and all! The Meister does […]

CGCM Podcast EP#73-Riot Radio Vol 7 (Meister)

Welcome to CGCM Podcast‘s Riot Radio! The Riot Radio concept: Every other week CGCM brings you a podcast episode with less talk and more rock. Terrestrial radio has become homogenized. Satellite radio falling to the same fate. Remember the days when radio played bands like Helix and AC/DC etc and not just the hits, but […]

DEE SNIDER – For the Love of Metal (Album Review)

I wasn’t sure just what to expect from Dee Snider, the Twisted Sister frontman with his new solo effort, For the Love of Metal. Let’s face it, I was slightly afraid. Afraid that it would be an awful record. But I’m happy to report that it’s just the opposite! Mr. Snider has come through with […]

Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale Toronto

Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale Toronto

Decibel Geeks Wallygator & The Meister Attend Opening Night of Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale at The Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto Wallygator: I Wanna Rock! So The Meister and I headed downtown to the Winter Garden Theatre on Yonge St. in Toronto. Where else would you expect to see the Decibel Geek‘s […]


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