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BEST OF 2021 – IVAN GALESIC (Radio DJ/Writer/Contributor)

You can find the Collective List as well as all our Best of 2021 content including contributors’ individual lists, podcasts and radio DJ shows here: CGCM’s Best of 2021 (Year in Review) BEST OF 2021 IVAN GALESIC 🇨🇦 (Radio DJ/Writer/Contributor) Well, here we are again this time of year where I stress about getting my top 10 list together. After […]

THE NORSEMAN COMPANY – The Coming of the Chord (Album Review)

When I first stumbled onto this album the name and cover made me think of Viking metal. I thought the sound was going to be something similar to Tyr or Grand Magus. To my surprise it didn’t sound like them at all, in fact, I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. Nothing against the […]