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TENACIOUS D – Sweden Rock 2019 (Photo Gallery)

It started as a bar show, moved on to TV-appearances, and the album Tenacious D (2001) saw Jack Black and Kyle Gass take the final step to becoming a seriously committed (hard) rock band. Their music’s rock opera-like nature and cheeky, self-deprecating humor made Tenacious D controversial to some purists, but the album was a […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2019 Second Wave of Bands (News)

SWEDEN ROCK 2019 reveals the next wave of bands for the event. The full press release announcing the 20 additions appears below (translated from Swedish via Google Translate and with slight edits). SWEDEN ROCK PRESS RELEASE Tuesday November, 20, 2018: ZZ Top is one of the 20 bands the Sweden Rock Festival today announces for […]


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