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HRH SLEAZE VI – Initial Band Reveal (Festival News)

Hard Rock Hell Sleaze have revealed the initial band announcement for the 2023 edition of the event held in Sheffield UK. And the announcement includes the Canadian band Gelatin Skelatin! Here’s the release below: When we started HRH Sleaze 6 years ago we wouldn’t have known how popular it has turned out to be, now […]

HRH Sleaze IV (News)

As spoken about in the most recent CGCM Podcast Episode, Here’s the announcement from last week of HRH Sleaze IV. The Meister will be back…who else is in for this ride? This really is a huge one for the HRH family – the very best in sleaze rock all under one roof for a weekend […]

DICK IN THE DIRT – Monday, 02/11, 2019 (D.I.T.D.)

Stemming from a popular segment of their audio podcast episodes, The CGCM Podcast hosts proudly present: Their DAILY D.I.T.D. TRACKS! A new day, a new track! One of the most popular segments of the CGCM audio podcast episodes is DICK IN THE DIRT. The odd phrase refers to the co-host’s choice of a song that’s currently […]

Rock n’ Skull 2016: RNS vs. MRF Day 1

Rock n’ Skull 2016: RNS vs. MRF Day 1

Late rising due to the tiresome journey to attend Rock n’ Skull 2016, we caught only the remnants as hotel breakfast was cleared away. With coffee back in the hotel room, we killed time, Olivier from Sleazeroxx and I writing RNS reviews for our respective websites. Shawn and Brian going over endless photos. Mikael going over interview questions. […]

Behold ROCK n’ SKULL! Decibel Geek Returns for 2016.

Behold ROCK n’ SKULL! Decibel Geek Returns for 2016.

Let me tell you, I for one would rather attend the smaller festivals (although the bigger events can be awesome as well). Most times they are in a club or medium sized venue and are general admission. This affords much better views of the stage and overall experiences to the concert goer rather than a huge […]


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