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CGCM Podcast EP#69-Riot Radio Vol. 5 (Meister)

69 Dude! For the illustrious 69th episode of the CGCM Podcast, it’s another Riot Radio theme. The Riot Radio concept: Every other week CGCM brings you a podcast episode with less talk and more rock. Terrestrial radio has become homogenized. Satellite radio falling to the same fate. Remember the days when radio played bands like […]

DAMN DICE – Thriller Killer (Album Review)

Damn Dice kinda came at me from out of nowhere. Sure they contacted me through the Decibel Geek email board to submit their forthcoming Thriller Killer album for review. But I didn’t expect what I heard. I envisioned, for some reason, another 80s sound clone type band that never really quite reaches the target quality […]


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