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AMERICAN DOG – Unfinished Business (Album Review)

Some release announcements are filled with anticipation. Excitement. Apprehension. And some just plain make you happy. That’s the case with me and Unfinished Business from American Dog. I hold American Dog close to my heart. We all have those bands. I joined Decibel Geek in August of 2012. And my third written article, all in my first […]

AMERICAN DOG: This Threesome Does It Doggy Style

AMERICAN DOG: This Threesome Does It Doggy Style

I just recently discovered this trio from Columbus, Ohio after reading a review on the internet.  I was searching for new music and decided to give it a shot, purchasing the Scars-n-Bars CD without hearing a track.  I have to say I was instantly hooked from the opening tune as it grabbed me.  The grinding, […]


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