SHE BURNS RED - Out Of Darkness (September 15, 2023)

SHE BURNS RED – Out Of Darkness

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New release from: SHE BURNS RED – Out Of Darkness (September 15, 2023)

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Turning heads since the release of their 2020 acclaimed debut ep Take Back Tomorrow (produced by Toby Jepson), Scottish rock band She Burns Red are finally ready to release their highly anticipated debut album following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign which saw them smash their target within 48 hours of launch.

Titled Out of Darkness, the upcoming album demonstrates why they are the “truth” when it comes to gritty feral infused slabs of hard-crunching rhythms and standard flying rock anthems. Riffs go wild, melodies are plentiful and make no mistake, She Burns Red are ready-made game changers with their first studio-long player.

Produced by Matt Elliss (Massive Wagons/Black Spiders), Out of Darkness will be released on 15th September 2023; it showcases why the West Lothian rock group have quickly made a name for themselves in a short space of time with their captivating live performances and raw musical talent. Blending hard rock with an alternative vibe with punk and pop smarts; She Burns Red have delivered an album that is energetic, emotional, anthemic and at all times, authentic.

There is something incredibly uplifting about truth and honesty and having the means to express that, to share it with other people. We’re all drained and drowning in our own thoughts but our songs allow us to feel liberated and free to express, hold our heads above the water for a moment and remember we’re all in this together, not divided at all. This is what we hope Out Of Darkness will do for people. Enable them to realize… they are not alone. All of these songs come from a place of looking for hope within the darkness.” – She Burns Red

The band has good reason for such optimism in what are ever-changing and challenging times for music artists and bands. Vocalist/bassist James McCulloch was almost paralyzed having suffered from Cauda Equina Syndrome in 2017 which was followed by bandmate Andy Moore (vocalist/guitarist) needing to have a brain operation in 2019 (“it made sense why he was in constant pain and almost passed out at every gig when he was singing.” says McCulloch). With the pandemic and lockdowns of 2020/2021, and changes in the group lineup, for a lot of bands this might have spelled the end of the road. However, with the addition of guitarist Naz Scanferlato and drummer Scott Hanlon (ex-Anchor Lane), McCulloch and Moore knew they had something extra special and needed to pursue their ambitions. Which leads us nicely to the new album…

Out Of Darkness is a guitar rock album that sits comfortably between melody and heaviness without getting lost in complex sonics and confusing musicalities. Each song is served as it should be, with conviction, truth and real meaning. Listeners can anticipate a dynamic experience from She Burns Red on this new album. From hard-hitting guitar riffs and intense drum beats to more melodic sections featuring haunting vocals and atmospheric soundscapes, the group has a canny ability to craft powerful lyrics that strike a chord with music fans. If you’ve already heard the album’s lead singles, including the album title track, then you know that you are in for a treat. Expect nothing less on this debut album as the four-piece continue exploring themes of love, loss, hope, and resilience in their own unique signature style.

With live shows booked for 2023 and 2024 (and more to be announced) in support of the new album, She Burns Red are ones to not only watch but also go see. Highly recommended and not to be missed.

Out Of Darkness is released 15th September 2023. Huge thank you to Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art who designed this stunning cover for She Burns Red debut album Out of Darkness.

Album Tracklist:

1. Touch
2. Rise and Fall
3. Killing Time
4. Crosshairs
5. Heavy is the Head
6. Run
7. Stronger
8. Crack the Sky
9. Out of Darkness


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She Burns Red – Out of Darkness

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