SABÏRE – JÄTT (June 28, 2024)


🤘New release from: SABÏREJÄTT (June 28, 2024)🤘

SABÏRE began at the tail end of 2010 as an idea to have a band that played simply what came naturally on guitar to Scarlett Monastyrski with no set genre or category. Simply the natural music. Shortly thereafter, the concept grew to accompany that sound with a big show and distinctive stylization. The biting and sharp sound production, along with their personal lyrics, birthed for them a label for their music: ACID METAL.

Not to be confused with the mind-altering substance, Acid Metal took its name from the concentrated corrosive fluid, not unlike the blood of the Xenomorph in the Alien films.

The instruments are awash with acidic modulation, “like a drop of acid in the dark.” The lyrics all hold a tinge of biting realism that once realized by the listener, stings them like a droplet of acid resting upon their skin. To take their metaphor further, their distinctive production style stands apart from the rest of the “modern” sound that degrades the potency of many new bands. They call it “brick culture,” because it all sounds the same. Concentrated acid burns all the way through anything solid leaving a hot trail behind it, like the band continues to do so with garnering the attention of the world of heavy music.

SABÏRE now return in 2024 with a 15-track epic, self-styled “half-concept” album, JÄTT, which took 5 years to make.

Band leader Scarlett Monastyrski comments :
JÄTT is meant to be THE sound of SABÏRE. A monolith to what we stand for artistically. We wanted this album to be its own art piece rather than simply a collection of arbitrary songs, a really ‘blue’ coloured sound. The physical copies hold beautifully styled texts detailing the concept for those chosen songs, as well as small epistles to accompany each track.

JÄTT is a “blue” sounding album; the colour. You may understand that more when listening to the album yourself. The cover of JÄTT, “Dante and Virgil in the Ninth Circle of Hell” – Gustav Doré, 1861, could be seen through a symbolic sense in which the listener is symbolized as Dante, the artist as Virgil, and the bodies locked within the ice of frozen lake as the music surrounding them; we as the artist are shepherding the listener through the mire. This could be perceived like this, or you may just see it as an attractive album cover.

We put our heart and soul into this one and can’t wait to give our Wild Ones and Acid Fiends what they’ve been so patiently waiting for.

SABÏRE are a band with a hellbent determination to be different, break the mould, and shake up the status quo. Unafraid to show their hearts. The band bows to no one and will bring their Acid Metal to the world, burning all through the monotony of modern heavy metal.


01 – The Doorway (Entry) 3:43
02 – Pure Fucking Hell 3:56
03 – Ice Cold Lust  5:02
04 – I’m A Rock  4:40
05 – Just a Touch of Acid 4:55
06 – Alone Again  4:27
07 – Call Me Bastard 4:17
08 – The River (Centre)  2:46
09 – The Last Day  5:33
10 – Toxic Man  5:00
11 – Your Rending Hands 6:14
12 – Chained Down  7:12
13 – The Shadow in My Heart  4:58
14 – Rip, Rip, KILL!!!  3:31
15 – The Stairs (Exit) 3:24

Band lineup:

Paul Corben : Drums and Percussion
Zoran Mrakic : Bass (Live)
Ivor Radocaj : Guitar (Live)
Scarlett Monastyrski : Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Percussion

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