NEON RIDER – Destination Unknown (March 22, 2024)


🤘New release from: NEON RIDERDestination Unknown (March 22, 2024)🤘

The story of Argentinian Melodic Rock group NEON RIDER began in the second half of the year 2020, when the two guitarists, bandmates in another group, Hernan Cattaneo and Marcos Nieva Green, decided to put together a new project to create music with a more classic sound that is based on their Hard Rock and AOR roots. When they began composing and recording demos, they realized that they had much more to show than just being a project and that the obvious and correct thing was to mutate towards an actual band.

That’s how, finally, after a couple of years, with a single and EP released both independently and already with some line-up changes NEON RIDER was completed with Bruno Sangari (vocals), Daniel Bravo (bass) and Pablo Ureta (drums). Now, they offer their first full-length album called Destination Unknown which contains of 11 songs plus one intro, which seeks to take the listener to an “unknown destination”, making him feel like they are traveling to other places and eras.

This album also represents a link between the members and their sons and daughters, as the last song of the album, “Riders Of The Night” showcases a children’s choir, with special guests: Valentino Sangari, Sofia Cattaneo, Leandro Guzman Nieva, and Julieta Nieva Rodriguez.


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