MONSTERS ON THE MOUNTAIN 2021 (Complete Experience)

MONSTERS ON THE MOUNTAIN 2021 (Complete Experience)

Hello fellow MOTM‘ers, MORC‘ers and generally those interested. My name is RichThe MeisterDillon and I’ve written my blog story here, split into separate days, of my attendance at the inaugural Monsters On The Mountain Festival in Pigeon Forge, TN. Also included (forthcoming) is a podcast wrap-up episode containing music and stories of the event with guest and festival attendee Pilar Spraggins. Your personal account and experience may be quite different than mine and that’s ok. Different strokes for different folks as they say, and if you’d like to blog about it or future events for the CGCM Rock Radio Website, reach out to me below.


Hey MORC family, feels like forever since I’ve seen any of you….and TBH forever since I saw a live music festival. For those that don’t know me, I’m a 10x MORC‘er and also creator of “The 🇨🇦 EH Team”! Very excited to make my way from Toronto, Canadada for Monsters on the Mountain🤘. Please say “Hi” if you see me and excuse me if I’m over excited (super beered-up), I feel like I’m finally living again😍🤘

You may have seen my post in the MORC pages ahead of the event and I think it sums up my feelings. The event upheld my excitement and I had a wicked time overall….and I sure was “super beered-up”! Can’t wait till the cruise and then MOTM II next year!


Now at this juncture in the story, it’s probably prudent to mention (like you can’t already tell), I’ve written this blog story account of my time at Monsters on the Mountain from my experiences and point of view. If you came here for specific detailed reviews and full setlists of the bands, you’re not going to find it. For me, a massive portion of this trip is the reconnection with my family that COVID has kept me from. Plus, only a couple bands here this weekend I’ve not seen in most cases many times. So this is my overall story and attempt to convey to you the reader, the experience of Monsters on the Mountain. That said, of course, I will mention almost every band in a short section.

Bring on Monsters on the Mountain!



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