MICHAEL VOSS – Rockers Rollin’ (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt) (October 13, 2023)

MICHAEL VOSS - Rockers Rollin' (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt) (October 13, 2023)
MICHAEL VOSS – Rockers Rollin’ (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt)


New release from: MICHAEL VOSS – Rockers Rollin’ (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt) (October 13, 2023)

German singer, guitarist, producer Michael Voss has announced the release of his upcoming album, Rockers Rollin’ (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt), due out on October 13, 2023 via Massacre Records! The album will be available as CD Digipak, Ltd. Vinyl LP and Digital formats, the pre-sale has just started at the link below!

Voss has carefully chosen ten songs, that Parfitt sang and wrote, and now proudly presents them in this glorious rock tribute. Rockers Rollin’ (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt) features several high-class guests, who shared the music and stage with Rick, such as longtime tour manager and co-writer of many super hits, Bob Young, original founding member of the Frantic Four, John Coghlan, Rick‘s son, Rick Parfitt Jr., actual bass player Rhino Edwards, original band member Andy Bown, Mat Sinner of Primal Fear, among many more!

Rockers Rollin’ (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt) track listing:

01. Again And Again
02. Rain
03. Don’t Drive My Car
04. For You
05. Rockers Rollin’
06. Oh! What A Night
07. Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like
08. Reason For Living
09. Coming And Going
10. Living On An Island


Michael Voss on a
MCI-JH 636 Console / Kidwoodstudios
Mastering: Christoph Stickel / CS Mastering
Cover Artwork: Alex Moeck
Layout: Ingo Spörl / Hard Media

Album Line-Up:

Michael Voss – Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer (Track 3), Keyboards (Track 5), Rhodes Piano (Track 4 & 10)
Alex Toff – Drums (except Track 10)

Guest Musicians:

– Rick Parfitt Jr.: Lead Vocals on “Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like”
– Jackie Lynton: Additional Vocals on “Again And Again”
– Eva von der Forst: Backing Vocals on “Oh! What A Night”
– John Richardson: Backing Vocals on “Again And Again”

– Tony Thorpe: Slide- & Lead Guitar on “Reason For Living”
– Jörg Sander: Rhythm- & Lead Guitar (2nd half) on “Reason For Living”
– Uwe Schneider: Guitar Solo on “Rain”
– Andy Susemihl: Lead Solo (Out) on “Don’t Drive My Car” & “Rockers Rollin'”

– Uwe Köhler: Bass on “Again And Again”
– Mat Sinner: Bass on “Rain”
– Gregory Harper: Bass on “Don’t Drive My Car” & “Rockers Rollin'”
– Ed Poole: Bass on “For You” & “Living On An Island”
– Rhino Edwards: Bass on “Oh! What A Night”, “Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like” & “Reason For Living”
– Marc Lynn: Bass on “Coming And Going”

– John Coghlan: Drums on “Living On An Island”

Misc. Instruments
– Tim Oliver: Piano on “Rockers Rollin'”, “Reason For Living”
– Andy Bown: Hammond B3 Organ on “Oh! What A Night”
– Shannon Harris: Piano & Hammond Organ on “Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like”
– Jens Skwirblies: Clavinet on “Oh! What A Night” & “Coming And Going”; Hammond B3 Organ on “Living On An Island”; Moog on “Again And Again”
– Bob Young: Harmonica on “Coming And Going”
– Dieter Michel: Trumpets & Trombones on “Again And Again” & “Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like”
– Holggy Begg: Memotron on “Again And Again” & “Oh! What A Night”
– Jan David: Percussions on “For You” & “Oh! What A Night”

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