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New release from: Ivy GoldBroken Silence May 26, 2023

Golden Ivy Records and Ivy Gold are thrilled to announce their third release within only 3 years!

To continue the special journey Ivy Gold has started with Six Dusty Winds and the live DVD Live at the Jovel from 2022. The band then got all album musicians together again in the studio to record a stunning new album – Broken Silence.

Ivy Gold singer Manou mentions: “I am so happy about this album because it has become so personal – more so than our debut – I feel. Also we tried different new things. For example we brought in a great choir and had a blast recording together! I feel we have grown together as a band!”


Guitarist and producer, Sebastian Eder: “We are an independent band, we take care of not only the music, but also the business side of the project. This of course is quite a task at times because we are the artist and the manager at the same time. At the end of the day it leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment when you see the outcome! It is really uplifting to feel this great inner connection to our music!! Meanwhile we have a good team around us, some great guys and companies, promoters and distributors who are  supporting us and I cannot wait to get our baby out and finally live on stage!”

Broken Silence is a muscular rock album with funk, blues and gospel influences. It’s an eloquent statement of who the supergroup really is. It’s also an impressive addition to their back catalogue comprising a debut studio and live album cut either side of lockdown.

Ivy Gold revel in an exploratory style based on strong songs, natural spontaneity and a visceral organic performance. Neatly framed by a sparkling production which allows the material to breathe.


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Ivy Gold “Broken Silence”; single & video teaser

SECOND FULL LENGTH ALBUM! After the 2021 phenomenal debut , the multicultural 5-piece bluesrock band is back with their second studio album to be released on May 26, 2023! The album will be introduced by a single and video release on March 10, 2023!