GOTUS – Gotus (January 19, 2024)


New release from: GOTUSGotus (January 19, 2024)

Rock sensation GOTUS is gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated self-titled debut album on January 19th, 2024, via renowned label Frontiers Music. The announcement follows the successful launch of their teaser single, “Fallen Angel“, in late October. The band release the first single “Take Me To The Mountain” from the highly anticipated album. Guitarist Mandy Meyer describes the track as encapsulating the very essence of GOTUS‘ musical journey, drawing inspiration from philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:

I climb upon the highest mountains, laughing at all tragedies – whether real or imaginary.

Formed in 2019, GOTUS initially emerged as a live project conceived by guitarist Mandy Meyer and drummer, Pat Aeby. The band, boasting current and former and actual members of Swiss rock giants Krokus, Gotthard and Storace, regrouped in 2022 after a pandemic-induced hiatus from live performances. The lineup solidified with the addition of Ronnie Romero as frontman, bassist Tony Castell (ex-Krokus, Crystal Ball), and keyboardist Alain Guy, creating a dynamic and powerful quintet.

The upcoming album, Gotus, is a testament to the band’s evolution and musical prowess. It not only pays homage to Meyer‘s extensive discography with stellar renditions of classics like “When the Rain Comes” (Katmandü) and “Reason to Live” (Gotthard) but also explores new frontiers with tracks like “Beware Of The Fire” and “Weekend Warriors.” The album features epic power ballads such as “Without Your Love” and “Children Of The Night“, along with the captivating opener and new single, “Take Me To The Mountain“.

The rhythm section, with a history of collaboration in Krokus during the 2000s, played a pivotal role in one of the most successful period of the group’s career with the chart-topping album Rock The Block. Meyer‘s return to Krokus after more than two decades away further solidified the band’s powerhouse lineup.

Gotus promises to be a treat for discerning rock fans, delivering heartfelt hard rock that showcases the band’s evolution and musical maturity. Don’t miss the chance to experience GOTUS live, as their performances are a must-see opportunity for rock enthusiasts.

Gotus Track List:

1 Take Me To The Mountain

2 Beware Of The Fire

3 Love Will Find Its Way

4 Undercover

5 Weekend Warriors

6 Children Of The Night

7 When The Rain Comes

8 Without Your Love

9 What Comes Around Goes Around

10 Reason To Live

11 On The Dawn Of Tomorrow

Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio, Patrick Aeby and Mandy Meyer

GOTUS are:

Mandy Meyer – guitars

Ronnie Romero – vocals

Pat Aeby – drums

Tony Castell – bass

Alain Guy – keyboards

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