EYES (SE) – Auto-Magic (September 6, 2024)


🤘New release from: EYES (SE)Auto-Magic (September 6, 2024)🤘

Classic rock acts such as Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Foreigner, Journey and Bad Company have all inspired the Swedish-based hard rock band Eyes (SE). They are no newcomers on the scene, as they are all well-established musicians. We recognize a few of the members from the highly acclaimed but sadly since long dissolved Swedish melodic rockers Aces High. (Source: YouTube)

Swedish-based classic and melodic hard rock band Eyes (SE), introduces its second single “Mysterious Ways” from the forthcoming album titled AUTO-MAGIC (September 6). The band follows up its strong debut album from 2021 (Perfect Vision 20/20) with music carrying from British tradition to American melodic arena and FM radio. Big rock, taking you places; lots of attitude and exceptional genre creativity. Great songs and grand ambition with true heritage.

On “Mysterious Ways“:
As the world moves in mysterious ways, choices must be made without knowing the full outcome from alternatives at hand. Keeping eyes on the prize and ourselves grounded in principles, will help us along the way to mutual respect and enjoying the many moments of truth that in the long run make up our every day and nine lives.” (Source: GMR Facebook Page).


Peter Andersson – Vocals
Björn H. Lindbäck – Drums
Åke David Rickard – Keyboards
Joakim Sandberg – Guitars
Anders Sellborn – Bass


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