BLACK ROSE (Sweden) - Game of Souls (October 01, 2021)

BLACK ROSE (Sweden) – Game of Souls

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New release from: BLACK ROSE (Sweden) – Game of Souls (October 01, 2021)

Black Rose is a melodic hard rock/metal band from Sweden. The band’s style of music has been consistent, even through all different music- trends that has come and gone.

The 6th and latest album Game of Souls is to be released by Sleaszy Riders Record Label later in the year.

The trademark sound of Black Rose, built on recognizable distinctive riffs, melodic/catchy and powerful choruses, are even more prominent on this release.

The album, Game of Souls, contains 10 songs in the melodic hard rock/metal vein.
The album covers a wide range of songs, from fast, hard-driving tracks to mid-paced and heavier ones.

Black Rose have performed at many live music venues in Sweden between releases of five albums. They have also appeared on the bill for festivals and headlining gigs.

The band has performed on the international music scene, completing a Baltic Tour covering countries like Latvia and Lithuania in the summer of 2019.

The band has also been support act to bands like Fate, The Poodles, Mike Tramp, Pain Of Salvation, Nocturnal Rites and Soul Sign.

Even gigs as backing band, at different times, for Kee Marcello (Europe) and Jan Johansen (Ignition, Swedish Eurovision song contest winner) and Jakob Samuel (The Poodles) has been done.


Jakob “Jacke” Sandberg (Vocals)
Thomas Berg (Guitar)
Peter Haga (Drums)
Anders Haga (Bass)


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