WALLY “Wallygator” Norton (Radio Host/Writer/Owner)

WALLY "Wallygator" Norton (Radio Host/Writer/Owner)
WALLY “Wallygator” Norton

WALLYGATOR 🇨🇦 (radio DJ/podcast co-host/website writer): wallygator@cgcmrockradio.com

This is WallyWallygatorNorton, co-host, co-creator, co-conspirator, co-a lot of things with CGCM Rock Radio. After somehow surviving a typical ‘70s childhood (seatbelts and bike helmets? Pfft.), Santa reached into his magical bag in 1982 and gifted Wally a ghetto blaster (with dual cassette AND detachable speakers!).

Fast forward to the summer of ’83, when Def Leppard’s Pyromania lit the fuse (see what I did there?) for Wally’s hard rock and heavy metal obsession. The floodgates have opened! It was like the elevator from The Shining, but instead of blood cascading out, it was meaty riffs. He devoured all the metal he could in those days.

After a grunge-induced sabbatical during the entire 1990s, podcasts had started to reignite Wally’s passion for music. After happening upon the Decibel Geek Podcast and listening to two guys just laughing and talking fondly about music, he knew he needed to be a part of it.

He had started writing for the Decibel Geek Website, through which he met his brother from another mother, RichThe MeisterDillon. A lifelong friendship was formed, and the Canadian Geeks Chatting Metal Podcast, their weird, twisted, high-decibel baby, was born.

To this day, Wally continues to do what he can to introduce listeners to their new favourite artists. Catch WallyGator’s Rock & Roll Swamp, on Saturdays at 4PM Eastern on CGCM Rock Radio.