RYAN “Mac” MACNEIL (Writer)

RYAN "Mac" MACNEIL (Writer)

Ryan MacNeil is one of CGCM Radio/Podcast‘s resident album reviewers, chiefly of the “Ryan Ranks” series of reviews. This guy takes albums and ranks the tracks from worst to best. He’s doing the Iron Maiden albums right now. After that? Metallica? Black Sabbath? Megadeth? Taylor Swift? Who knows?

Ryan‘s love of music truly started with the most hardcore, bone-rattling, ass-kicking artist known to man: “Weird Al” Yankovic. Ryan‘s mother found a couple of Al‘s tapes while cleaning an apartment, and a musical monster was born. Like for most people, Weird Al was a gateway to other music. Ryan‘s interest in music was shaped by other unorthodox avenues, such as pro wrestling and video games (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Guitar Hero, BABY). The Mac (he insisted on being called this at least once) loves all kinds of music, but heavy metal and hard rock are his first loves.

Ryan got involved in CGCM Rock Radio via his lovely wife, CGCM‘s social media marvel Treks Manically. They won tickets to Iron Maiden‘s 2022 Ottawa show, and Treks became more involved with the CGCM team. Ryan had gotten back into writing about pro wrestling, and after much encouragement, decided to pursue his other passion: gimmicky music reviews. Look for more editions of “Ryan Ranks“, coming to the CGCM Rock Radio website!