GRAHAM “Sparky” SPARK (Writer/Asst. Editor)

GRAHAM "Sparky" SPARK (Writer/Asst. Editor)

GRAHAM “SPARKY” SPARK 🇬🇧 (website writer):

GrahamSparkySpark, one of CGCM Radio/Podcast‘s resident wordsmiths (fancy talk for ‘writer’), comes to us from the UK (United Kingdom, not the University of Kentucky). Having grown up with rock and metal, Graham would use his paper route money to buy Twisted Sister and Queen albums. You know, back when paper routes were done by kids and not adults with cars. Sparky loves him some Queen (whom he first saw in 1982) and Kiss (whom he first saw in 1983). Using advanced mathematical skills, we can determine that Graham is indeed THAT old.

Sparky first met RichThe MeisterDillon in 2016 after the latter posted about seeking new writers for Decibel Geek on The Twitter. Graham leapt at the opportunity and formed a lasting long-distance relationship with the CGCM crew that you all know and…love, I guess?

Sparky not only pens album reviews and articles, but he also helps Rich edit the other guys’ stuff and keeps the CGCM train on the rails whenever Rich is travelling. Which is a lot.

Want to read what The Spark has to say? Then check out Sparky‘s archive (Sparchive?) which is linked below:

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