DAVE WOOD (Radio Host)

DAVE WOOD (Radio Host)

DAVE WOOD 🇨🇦 (radio DJ): davewood@cgcmrockradio.com

This is Dave. Dave, for the most part, is still stuck in the ’80s and early ’90s as far as rock music is concerned, and he’s very much OK with that. He especially loves his hair metal. The bigger the hair and the leatherier the leather, the better!

After Wally was struck with the brilliant idea of creating a radio station as a spin-off of the original CGCM podcast, he sought Dave‘s advice. That advice? “Hey, man! Go for it!“. Wally and Rich did indeed go for it, and CGCM Radio was launched on June 1st, 2020.

Dave hosts Dave’s Hard Rock Radio, a weekly hour-long show that not only spotlights hair metal but also features anecdotes from his many, many, many decades as an avid concert-goer and DJ. It may not all be hair metal, though. Dave‘ll mix things up every so often with blues, comedy, or any old thing.

Aside from his CGCM Rock Radio duties, he did have a DJ business for a decade until modern music became so unbearable that he stopped. He’s also on Jack Russell‘s social media team. The Great White singer, not the terrier. Fun fact: “Great White” is also the name Dave gives to his hair and beard.

Tune into Dave’s Hard Rock Radio on Sundays from 8-9PM EST, 12-1PM on Wednesdays, and 4-5AM on Fridays if you’re still awake after a rough Thursday wing night. CRANK IT UP!