BEN “BenSCORZ!” HAMEL (Radio Host/Writer)

BEN "BenSCORZ!" HAMEL (Radio Host/Writer)


Of all the hosts and DJs employed by CGCM Radio/Podcast, Ben is certainly one of them. BenSCORZ, which may or may not be his real name, hosts MixFix on CGCM Rock Radio. BenSCORZ got his start at CGCM Rock Radio when RichThe MeisterDillon saw his Facebook posts about the old mixtapes of his youth that he was re-recording. Rich thought to himself “Well, holy crap, that may be a good idea for a show. You want in?“, and Ben was all like “SCORZ! I’ve only been practicing for this for 25 years, so heck yes, I’m in!“. That’s probably not how the conversation actually went, but we’ll go with it.

I bet you’re all asking yourself “What’s with the name BenSCORZ?“. Well, Ben is a huge sports fan, often rooting for the Ottawa Senators, Boston Red Sox, and the Ottawa RedBlacks. Aside from cheering for questionable sports teams, “SCORZ” was also a catchphrase he used stemming from his high school days, often using it when things were going well. “Salisbury steak in the cafeteria today? SCORZ!“.

MixFix is a two-hour show that hearkens back to the days of the hard and heavy mixtapes that you would make for yourself and your friends. It’s so authentic that you can almost hear the cassette reels getting chewed up by that crappy tape player your dad got on sale at Radio Shack. Mr. SCORZ has been blessed (or cursed) with a great long-term memory and has amassed a large bank of useless hard rock and metal knowledge. You’ll hear the hits and some deep cuts, but as long as it rocks and flows, you’ll likely hear it on MixFix. Get ready to ask yourself, “How does he know that?“, “Why does he know that?“, and “…huh?“.

Catch MixFix on Sundays from 4-6PM EST, with replays on Wednesdays from 4-6AM and 12-2PM on Fridays on CGCM ROCK RADIO!