TRP (Thaen Rasmussen Project) - TRP (Thaen Rasmussen Project) (October 10, 2022)

TRP (Thaen Rasmussen Project)

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New release from: TRP (Thaen Rasmussen Project) – TRP (Thaen Rasmussen Project) (October 10, 2022)

American melodic hard rock band TRP (Thaen Rasmussen Project) will release self-titled debut on October 10, 2022, via Animated Insanity Records in North America and No Dust Records in Europe.


Formed in the San Francisco Bay Area, TRP mixes classic and hard rock influences with dynamic and soulful guitar work to deliver a fresh take on a classic sound.

Led by Guitarist Thaen Rasmussen (Vicious Rumors, Anvil Chorus) and vocalist Torre Carstensen (My Victim, Warning SF), the band features long-time Bay Area veterans Carter Kennedy (Orchid) on drums, and both Phil Bennett (Mickey Thomas Starship) and Jon Simon (SpyVsSpy) on keyboards. The group’s chemistry shows on the debut album release with instant classics such as “Surreal”, “Full Tilt” and “Broken Wings”. TRP is Melodic Hard Rock for the modern age.

The self-titled debut is available to purchase on CD directly from the Animated Insanity Records website in North America and from the No Dust Records website in Europe. Use the pre-order links below.

Debut Album Tracklisting:

1.Full Tilt
3.Fire Burns Blue
4.Rise Above
5.Imaginary Grace
6.In The NIght
9.Broken Wings
10.Time Will Tell

Band Line-up:

Thaen Rasmussen (Vicious Rumors, Anvil Chorus)
Guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards

Torre Carstensen (My Victim, Warning SF)
Lead vocals

Jon Simon (SpyVsSpy)

Phil Bennett (Mickey Thomas Starship)

Carter Kennedy

BUY: Pre-Order Links: North America / Europe


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TRP – Surreal (Official Video)

First single from the upcoming Thaen Rasmussen Project, to be released on October 22 via No Dust Records and Animated Insanity Records. TRP line up: Thaen Rasmussen – guitar Torre Carstensen – vocals Carter Kennedy – drums Phil Bennett – keyboards Jon Simon – Keyboards Facebook: Instagram: NWOTHM Full Albums will try to gather the best of Old School Heavy Metal albums by the bands of the new generation.