Trevor "Psychoone" MacDougallI’m Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall. Let me introduce myself as most see me. I’m a 327 lb, 6’9” man that is usually seen in some kind of rock tee (unless at work) and jeans. It’s been that way since I was in high school. Also anyone that knows me can tell ya, I’m the biggest KISS fan in my area!.

My first introduction to music was as young as I can remember. My folks turned on the radio daily just as soon as they were plugging in the kettle first thing in the morning. I grew up on top 40 and country radio!

The introduction to rock music was when I was in grade school. During lunchtime the teacher allowed someone in the class to play their cassettes. Helix’s “Rock You” and Quiet Riot’s “C’mon Feel the Noize” where the staples of the mealtime. I can even remember a friend trying to show me KISSDestroyer album to which I replied “they look like sick clowns” and told them to take it away, but more on that later.

Fast forward a few years to my “rebellious teen years”. The hair was growing into the beautiful mullet many of us had, and screw the rules. With problems at home my folks thought an appointed “Big Brother” was maybe going to help. Well it did…kinda. I met this guy and no word of a lie he was a catholic, robe wearing monk…yes a monk. He worked with teens from troubled homes and all that but on our first road trip I found out he was a lover of Rock!

He asked me to open a little case he had of cassettes and pick something out. Expecting gospel crap I was shocked to see AC/DC, Deep Purple and the same KISS album from previously, Destroyer. I put the KISS into the car’s deck and was lost for the whole ride to Toronto. I can’t remember any of it

At that point I started loving all things KISS. But I branched from there, and haven’t stopped. Seeing many concerts of various bands and just buying albums by the covers or producers I amassed a HUGE cd collection. At last count it was around 80,000 CDs. I eventually had to digitize it all for space saving reasons.

Unlike the two main guys here at the CGCM, I don’t live in a large city. I’m actually about 2hrs north of the city. Corn country as I call it. Hard to find good music lovers around here. Thank God for the internet and podcasts.

I discovered the CGCM by being a regular listener of the Decibel Geek podcast and heard about the CGCM from there. Interacting with Rich and Wally online and sharing episodes etc and talking about albums etc I think they saw a fellow music lover of the same nature as they are and approached me to possibly write, and here we are!

Thanks for reading and inviting me in!

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