TOXIC ROSE - In For The Kill (Album Review)

TOXIC ROSE – In For The Kill

Here we go!!!

Here’s another great discovery for me!

From the other side of the pond in Stockholm, Sweden comes Toxic Rose.

Toxic Rose Band Members

Andy on lead vocals

Michael on drums and backing vocals

Tom on guitar and backing vocals

Johannes on bass and backing vocals


Out on Sept 24th, 2021 this album is a true ass-kicker. One thing I can tell you; Sweden has such serious ass-kicking bands, I don’t know what’s in their water but holy shit I enjoy so many bands from Sweden.

If some people think rock is dead Sweden will stuff it in your mouth and show you what rock is all about.

Toxic Rose is the proof of that. With some really powerful riffs and great drum beats and Andy’s awesome vocals, these guys mean business and will intoxicate you with their amazing music.

Right from the start with the song “Blood”, I can feel the vibrations of the guitar chords coursing through my veins, and Andy’s vocals explode into my brain as I smile and say to myself ”There it is! There’s that magic that’s missing in so many bands.” These guys got it!

I won’t review song for song on this album because I will just repeat myself over and over on how the riffs and great and how much I love the beat and Andy’s vocals.

This is truly a great Rock Band. I highly recommend all you rockers out there to get a hold of the latest album.

If this is the first time you listen to Toxic Rose I suggest you go back to their beginning and listen to their entire discography.

In this day in age, it’s hard to find some truly great metal bands that grab you right away. For example, I’m really loving the song “Angel” it just sinks into you!  I made my eldest son listen to it and he absolutely loves it. He never heard the band before and his reaction was an instant “WOW”

That’s missing today, but not with Toxic Rose.

So on Sept. 24 2021 get Toxic Rose’s new album IN FOR TE KILL.

You won’t regret it.

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