TIME TO ROCK FESTIVAL - Anticipation #1 (Blog)

TIME TO ROCK FESTIVAL – Anticipation #1 (Blog)

Hello, I’m RichThe MeisterDillon co-creator and co-owner of the CGCM Rock Radio empire. Of course, I also wear many other hats under that umbrella such as, Radio Host, Website Editor, Photographer, and Blogger. I am also the “resident traveler” of our team. I live for the music and nothing tops it off than being in front of the stage as an amazing band plays their songs live!

….and it is once again my Time To Rock! With an already (job threateningly so) full schedule of summer festivals and cross-ocean travels, I absolutely HAD to add in another event! As soon as I saw the lineup posters starting to surface for a “new to my radar” festival called Time To Rock, I jumped! I mean, just look at the bands playing this year!

Time To Rock is in fact not a brand new event. It just has flown under my scope in its previous years of existence, since at least 2017 I believe. The event will be taking place in Knislinge, Sweden over 4 days from July 7-10, 2023. Who’s going? Want to meet up for a beer (you’re buying though :))?

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Time to Rock Festival – Band Competiton Winners


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