THUNDER – The Complete EMI Recordings 1989-1995 (August 30, 2024)

THUNDER - The Complete EMI Recordings 1989-1995 (August 30, 2024)🔥NEW UPCOMING ALBUM RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT!🔥

🤘New release from: THUNDERThe Complete EMI Recordings 1989-1995 (August 30, 2024)🤘

On August 30, 2024, Cherry Red Records will present a new boxset featuring THUNDER’s three studio albums for EMI, plus a host of bonus tracks, single cuts, B-sides, and live recordings from The Town And Country Club and their Monsters Of Rock Donington debut!

Formed in 1989, THUNDER includes the core of TERRAPLANE: guitarist and songwriter Luke Morley, singer Danny Bowes, and drummer GaryHarryJames, joined by Ben Matthews on guitar and keyboards and MarkSnakeLuckhurst on bass for their debut album produced by DURAN DURAN’s Andy Taylor for EMI.


Disc 1 – Back Street Symphony
01. She’s So Fine
02. Dirty Love
03. Don’t Wait For Me
04. Higher Ground
05. Until My Dying Day
06. Back Street Symphony
07. Love Walked In
08. An Englishman On Holiday
09. Girl’s Going Out Of Her Head
10. Gimme Some Lovin’
11. Distant Thunder
Bonus Tracks: Single B-Sides
12. Dirty Love (12″ extended version)
13. Fired Up
14. I Wanna Be Her Slave
15. She’s So Fine (full version)

Disc 2 – Back Street Symphony – Bonus Tracks: Studio & Live B-Sides:
01. Until The Night Is Through (Dance Dance Dance)
02. I Can Still Hear The Music
03. No Way Out Of The Wilderness
04. An Englishman On Holiday (live)
05. Girl’s Going Out Of Her Head (live)
06. Another Shot Of Love (live)
“Live At The Town And Country Club, London 7th March 1990”:
07. Backstreet Symphony
08. She’s So Fine
09. Until My Dying Day
10. Higher Ground
11. Don’t Wait For Me
12. Fired Up
13. Dirty Love

Disc 3 – Live At Donington 1990:
01. She’s So Fine
02. Backstreet Symphony
03. Until My Dying Day
04. Higher Ground
05. Don’t Wait For Me
06. Fired Up
07. Dirty Love

Disc 4 – Laughing On Judgement Day:
01. Does It Feel Like Love?
02. Everybody Wants Her
03. Low Life In High Places
04. Laughing On Judgement Day
05. Empty City
06. Today The World Stopped Turning
07. Long Way From Home
08. Fire To Ice
09. Feeding The Flame
10. A Better Man
11. The Moment Of Truth
12. Flawed To Perfection
13. Like A Satellite
14. Baby I’ll Be Gone

Disc 5 – Laughing On Judgement Day – Bonus Tracks (B-Sides):
01. She’s My Inspiration
02. With A Little Help From My Friends
03. Low Life In High Places (demo)
04. Everybody Wants Her (radio edit)
05. Dirty Love (acoustic version)
06. Higher Ground (acoustic version)
07. Like A Satellite (live)
08. Gimme Shelter
09. The Damage Is Done
10. Higher Ground (live)
11. Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Live)
12. Bigger Than Both Of Us
13. Dangerous Rhythm
14. Everybody Wants Her (Preacher Fade)
15. New York, New York: Harry’s Theme (live)

Disc 6 – Behind Closed Doors:
01. Moth To The Flame
02. Fly On The Wall
03. I’ll Be Waiting
04. River Of Pain
05. Future Train
06. ‘Til The River Runs Dry
07. Stand Up
08. Preaching From A Chair
09. Castles In The Sand
10. Too Scared To Live
11. Ball And Chain
12. It Happened In This Town

Disc 7 – Behind Closed Doors – Bonus Tracks:
01. Low Life In High Places (Live At Hammersmith)
02. Move On
03. Everybody Wants Her (live)
04. Does It Feel Like Love (live)
05. You Don’t Know What Love Is (demo)
06. River Of Pain (live acoustic)
07. Stand Up (live acoustic)
08. Castles In The Sand (live acoustic)
09. Move Over (live)
10. One Pretty Woman
11. The Fire Is Gone
12. Life In A Day
13. In A Broken Dream
14. Love Walked In (live)
15. Dirty Love (demo)
16. Stay With Me

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